Dream On

I’m inviting nightmares. I’ve been looking at the Here Is New York galleries. I found two photos, taken on September 11, from just north of the Flatiron Building, half a block from my apartment — the vantage point from which I viewed the collapse of the first tower. When I saved one of the img to my hard drive, it didn’t save in the proper format, so I deleted it. And when I did, I got the standard message, as follows:

Are you sure you want to send “WTC” to the recycle bin?

My finger hovered over the mouse, as I had one of those “flashbacks” that you see on soap operas. Flashbacks in which the “shot” is shown not through your own eyes but through the lens of the camera, so you are viewing yourself in the third person. I watched myself watching.

Oh, if only it were that easy, I thought. If only I could just press a little button and erase everything that happened. But no … not erase … reverse. If only a click were all that was needed to send the World Trade Center, and everyone who perished there, back where they belong. I don’t want to recycle. I want to rewind.

So with tears in my first person eyes, I chose yes. And “WTC” was gone. Just like that.

Just like then.