The Charmer and Her Dell

Well, supposedly my brand spankin’ new CPU is arriving tomorrow via Federal Express. (The whole computer saga is one I definitely don’t want to recount. If you truly want to know, I may be persuaded to tell you if you offer me something pretty and shiny as compensation.) This time I have a bona fide tracking number, and it actually works online. This time I don’t just have the vague assurance from yet another faceless Dell Technical Support representative that my order is “pending”. This time it’s for real.
But I suppose I’m speaking too soon. I shouldn’t jinx anything. In fact, just moments ago, I knocked on wood, twice, once with each fist. Hey, I’m not takin’ any chances. I just hope the thing actually gets here tomorrow and that it’s what it’s supposed to be. And I hope that the transfer of files from the old “unit” to the new one goes smoothly. I don’t know if that’s possible, though, given that I have the patience of a flea and the frustration level of a cloth-diapered infant. I hope there are no hitches. No glitches. ‘Cause I don’t wanna hafta bitches. (You know how I hate complaining.)
So keep your fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else that’s crossable, crossed. (And here an image so hideous just flashed across my mind that I don’t dare share it with you … no matter how pretty or shiny the compensation may be.)
C[P]U soon!
(By the way — I can’t stand that kid in the Dell commercials. I think I’ll be well within in my rights if I decide to go ahead and beat him if things don’t go smoothly. In fact, I should be allowed to beat him regardless, as a reward for having put up with Dell’s bullshit for so long.)