The Greatest Show On Earth

No no no, kidz, it’s not the circus. Of course it’s not the circus. I hate the circus. (Add it to the list.)
The show I’m talking about is the one I just viewed through the skylights in the other bedroom. (One of this apartment’s most wonderful features is its skylights — two in the living room, two in the larger bedroom, and one in this office/bedroom — perfect for those of us who revel in stormy weather.) Torrents of rain, zigs of lightning, raucous angry thunder, zags of lightning. Ahhh, the weather I prefer over any other. The stuff that ruins parades. The kind that forced gym class to remain indoors instead of outdoors to suffer the torture of softball and sunshine. The sort that makes me feel alive, and comforts me.
And now … a curtain call.
This I don’t hate.