As I said earlier this week, I’m busy working on expanding this fabulous site so I can divert you for a bit longer from doing whatever else you’re supposed to be doing. I, of course, have nothing else I’m supposed to be doing, so I am spending a ridiculously inordinate amount of time learning how to add more amenities for your enjoyment. The equivalent of a mint on your pillow, I suppose.
I will include a link to “Because I Say So! – The Gallery” on the right side of this page. If you go there now, however, I can guarantee that you’ll be appropriately disappointed. The gallery exists, but there is nothing to see. Or maybe it’s just some sort of revolutionary new installment that just appears devoid of content. Pretentiously interpet its deeper meaning as you see fit.
So bear with me (and no, no hilarious comments about wanting to “bare” with me instead) while I make these changes. I basically don’t know what I’m doing, and everything is trial and error … with a delightful emphasis on the latter.
And no, I’m not cursing over here. I’m not that kind of girl!
Note: As of 6:18 this evening, the first photo was added to The Gallery. Go on … take a look. (It’s a thumbnail, so be sure to click on the image for enlargement.)