Irregular Inanity

As many people in the so-called “blogging” community know, there are several weekly questionnaires, ranging from “Sunday Op-Ed” to “Saturday Scruples”, to which many people respond.
I’m not a big fan of routine, so I don’t participate in these questionnaires. I don’t respond well to regularity (no “laxative” jokes, please — I’ll have to ask you to scat if you insist on making one) (besides, I just did so, and that’s about as much hilarity as I can handle). That doesn’t mean I don’t like reading people’s answers. So with that in mind, I hereby offer you my special questionnaire, “Infrequent Inanity”, which contains neither a theme nor a purpose — except my own amusement (I never said I wasn’t selfish).
Put down the comics page (and stop pretending you’re really reading the serious news, because I’m just not buying it), and answer these simple questions. If you want to post your answers here as a comment, please do so. Or, if you prefer to post them on your own site, leave a comment here with a link to your answers. (Update, 9:32 p.m.: I’d prefer the latter. It will save my “bandwidth”, whatever that means. Thanks.)

  1. Are your Sundays spent in a lazy daze or in a panic to get everything done that you didn’t accomplish on Saturday?
  2. When you put away freshly laundered towels, do you put them on top of the towels that are already in the closet or at the bottom of the pile?
  3. On a plane, do you prefer an aisle or window (or middle??) seat?
  4. Chinese food: Chopsticks or fork?
  5. French fries: steak-cut or shoestring?
  6. Band-Aids®: Pull off quickly or peel off slowly?
  7. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal (other than your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend)?
  8. Catherine Zeta-Jones: overrated or … not?
  9. Chocolate: dark or milk?
  10. Would you ever consider plastic surgery?
  11. Do you love me, do you Surfer Girl?

Thanks for your participation! Stay tuned for future installments of Irregular Inanity. (Maybe.)