The Direct Approach

I’m impressed. I’m really impressed with the ever-increasing quality of my readership and the ways in which the readers find my site.
Today someone found me by a simple search for “jodi” (I was number 11 out of “about 443,000”). Not “fuck jodi” (yesterday), not the converse (“jodi fuck”), not “mom fuck young son”. Not even “urgent need to pee + can’t go”.
The direct approach is so refreshing. It’s the equivalent of a guy who, in whatever situation, uses a simple “hello” as a means to meet/greet me. No “I want to chew your panties” or “Le-e-e-egs!!!” or “Psssssttt!!!”
Thanks, to whomever the simple-search person may be.
And now, I must prepare to go Out In The Field, in the name of research. I’m wearing a safari jacket with lots o’ pockets, sturdy hiking boots, and carrying a large net. If you see me on the street, don’t say, “Oooh baby baby, catch me … I’m a wild animal!” Just say hello, for god’s/Pete’s/fuck’s sake.
Thank you.