Coffee Break


It’s time for your break. Take it.
It may be almost 4:30 p.m. here, and those in my time zone may already be packing up their desks and organizing everything so it’s all neat and the stapler is at a right angle to the tape dispenser … and those who don’t work desk jobs may already be starting to position themselves for the long slide down the dinosaur’s back (yeah, Fred Flintstone, I’m talkin’ to you) … but since my readership isn’t just limited to the East Coast, or even this country (yes, that’s right, it’s INTERNATIONAL! the word is out!), there’s definitely someone out there who needs a break right about now.
So take it.
The coffee on this site is fine. I get the good stuff. I know you say that Folger’s is good enough, but I went ahead and spent a little more … because you’re worth it.
Thanks for reading, everyone. Enjoy.
But be careful not to fill your cup up to the rim lest you spill it all over the hideous office carpet (or the dinosaur’s back).