Director’s Note – An Introduction

Thanks, everyone, for picking up last week’s notes. I have rehearsal for my one-woman show later this morning, but assure you that this week’s notes are forthcoming.
I just want to take this opportunity to introduce Gene, our fabulous new Stage Manager. We’re incredibly fortunate to have him work with us on this project, as his services are in very high demand.
Gene is not here at the moment, because he remained behind at rehearsal this morning to work on a particularly trying locker room scene with a few of the supporting players. He did, however, request that I pass along a word of advice to one of you, as follows:

To Al E. Tozes: Please meet with Al Toyd as soon as possible. It’s a matter of life or breath.

When you come into rehearsal tomorrow morning (5:45 a.m. sharp, people!), I’d appreciate if all of you would say “Hi” to Gene and welcome him into the fold.
Thank you.