Dogs Dig It

It’s Saturday. (Yes, it is, so if you’re at the office right now and wondering where everyone else is, well, uh, that’s why … so leave. No one’s going to be impressed if you tell them on Monday, “I came in on Saturday and finally got all my filing done!” They’ll just think you’re a loser or a kiss-ass. And no one likes either. So get out of there, pick up some snacks, and go home and watch bad TV the way I am.)
Anyway, it’s Saturday, and it’s snacktime. But how about treating the furry, floppy guy who’s blocking the TV, staring boldy and intently at whatever you’re eating, hoping his telepathy will transport it out of your hand and into his waiting mouth.
Be a pet and make this for yours. But no fair eating some yourself, you glutton. That’s why you picked up that ice cream (or, OK, Tofutti) on the way home, remember?
Oh, and if anyone can tell me where to find a high-grade variety of the ingredient listed in the “Note”, I’d appreciate it. Zabar’s, Citarella, Jefferson Market, and Citarella have stopped carrying it. And it’s just too messy to make at home.