I’m actually doing this today. I know you’re shocked, because ordinarily I recoil at the mere notion of joining some sort of group effort. Because I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a “team player”. Because I’m not a big “community” person. Because I’m an anti-social misanthrope.
Two more fucking “because”s, and I know I’ll have people leaving comments about “We’re off to see the wizard” — and that would really make me vomit. And I really prefer Sundays to be vomit-free, if at all possible. Even “God” had a day off.
So now I can’t stop hearing “Because of the wonderful things he does” in my head. (And no, the “h” in “he” is not supposed to be capitalized. I’m not referring to “God” here, despite the segue.)
It’s too late to sign up for the project that I link to above, but if you want to send me ONE PICTURE (via email) of your day, I will include it in “A Thousand Words” tomorrow.
Go team go!