Great Idea

During a particularly rousing clickfest this evening, I came across a great site called Things That Suck.
Go there. (But wait until you’re done reading the complex instructions that follow.)
In the corner on the upper right (on that site, not here!), there is a link that takes you to “Blogger”. Follow that link, and sign on to Blogger using the username “thingsthat” and the password “suck”. Enter your little bit, hit “post and publish”, and voila … the world will be treated to your personal version of suckage (or suckiosity) (I’m not sure which is the proper word).
And in answer to the question that’s lingering at the tip of your tongue: Yes. Yes, I posted an entry. So even if you don’t post your own, you can, at your next blog-party (the 2002 version of your old pajama parties — you know, the ones where you wore your fluffy pajamas and played “Truth or Dare” and then Greg, Peter, and Bobby put itching powder in the sleeping bags), point to the screen and squeal, “Hey! I know that girl!”
Have fun. But don’t stay up too late.