Ladies’ Choice

Finally! Chicks are diggin’ me! And I don’t even have to resort to hypnosis anymore! The ladies are finally coming ’round and recognizing me as the swingin’ funster that the boys have known me to be for years!
I offer as evidence the following:

  1. Exhibit “A”. This comes courtesy of Elise, to whom I introduced you a few weeks ago after “discovering” her like the Ed MacMahon clone I am. (And here you wonder why I never post an actual photo of myself. You knew there had to be a reason, didn’t you?) Elise is the long-lost daughter I never knew I had. (I thought all that bloody pain was just a bad dream, so you can imagine how shocked I was to find out the truth.)
  2. Exhibit “B”. This part of a post dated 7-10-02, comes courtesy of Jess. The link (underlined in pretty teal) there brings you here. I may be no Paula Poundstone, but Jess thinks I’m pretty darn funny in my own right.
  3. Exhibit “C”. Apparently I put a spell on Michelle after sending her this Nina Simone song.
  4. Exhibit “D”. Jett doesn’t know me well enough yet to know I’m not a team player, but I don’t think this is what she’s talkin’ about here.

I’m pretty impressed with my harem! (And yes, I must confess that I am envisioning every one of them dressed like this. Except Elise. Even though she’s adorable, I do not want my daughter running around like that!)