A Case for Shearlock Combs

short 'n' sassy!

I was kidnapped earlier tonight by a crazed fan. Look what my captor did to me! My lustrous locks … gone! At least this lunatic had the decency to grace me with with another eyebrow.
Your challenge: Give me back my hair. Restore it however you see fit. And while you’re at it, please give me a nose job too.
Thank you hairy much. I nose you can do it.
(Yes, it is my site, and yes, I can make as many bad puns as I like!)
P.S. Please send your masterpiece to me by email. The submissions will be displayed in a special gallery somewhere on this site. (I haven’t decided where yet.) Not fade away!
Update, 8:55 a.m. &#151 See The Gallery for the stunning transformations.