Chill Out

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I saw my landlord on the street this afternoon after Pilates and told him I’m essentially hibernating until the weather decides to cooperate. He doesn’t seem to mind the heat, so I asked him what his secret was. First he said, “Cannabis.” I chortled heartily and genuinely. And then, so I wouldn’t think he was some sort of drug addict, he said, “Jean Nat&#233,” and described to me how he douses his body with it immediately following a shower and is thus refreshed upon its evaporation. The ultimate chill.
So now I’m torn. I mean, I don’t partake in either substance, at least not anymore. The last time I indulged in the first option was probably in 1988, and the last time I even saw a bottle of Jean Naté was probably 1972.
Which do you suggest? Please take my fabulous mini-poll and let me know. Thanks.

Which “chill” will thrill?

Jean Naté

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