Irregular Inanity (Second Edition)

At long last, the time has come for the second edition of my exclusive, sinfully delicious, award-winning occasional questionnaire, Irregular Inanity. If you were around the first time, 41 days ago, either as a participant or merely a spectator, you no doubt remember the soul-searching nature of the questions I posed. This time is no different.
If you are a new reader, or for some reason you missed the first round, please refer to the original questionnaire here before proceeding.
If you choose to participate, please leave a comment here with a link to your answers on your own site. If you do not have a site, you may leave your answers here (without reproducing the questions themselves). Please note, however, that if you do have a site and you leave your answers here anyway, I will delete them posthaste, pronto, and immediately (if not sooner), which will result in calling you all sorts of unflattering (yet appropriate) names loudly enough so you will hear them no matter how many miles, oceans, or continents separate us.
So now, without further ado, here are today’s questions. Have fun.

  1. You’re at a restaurant with a friend, and he is in the restroom when the food arrives. There are french fries on his plate (or something else that you like). Do you take some before he comes back? If so, do you tell him?
  2. That “I’ll have what she’s having” line from When Harry Met Sally: Inspired or tired? Sublime or asinine?
  3. You break it, you buy it? – or – You break it, you run away?
  4. Which sucks the most: emptying the dishwasher; putting away the groceries; folding the laundry?
  5. Anna Nicole Smith: “I still say the overinflated harlot has a pretty face” or “Face?”
  6. You wake up before your “significant other” and see that the dog/cat/baby did his “business” in the middle of the living room floor. Do you sneak back into bed and pretend you didn’t see it, knowing that your S.O. will be up in five minutes and thus take care of it?
  7. Jan or Marcia?
  8. Cake: Eat with your hands or with a fork? (And don’t tell me you don’t eat cake, or I’ll have to toss you into a windowless, dank basement along with the people who say they don’t ever watch TV.)
  9. Name one article of clothing that you cannot live without and one you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing.
  10. Caffeine: friend or foe?
  11. Raisin Bran as a snack: Eat whatever comes out of the box, or root around for more raisins?
  12. What’s the best thing you’ve ever stolen from work? (If you think you’ve never taken anything, then where the hell did you get that nice Razorpoint pen with the company logo that you keep in the kitchen junk drawer?)

Thanks for your participation. Have some orange juice and a couple of crackers.