Purpose, defeated

Why oh why on why do food-handlers who wear latex gloves keep them on when handling everything and anything else, including money and the cash register?
Why wear the gloves at all? What’s the point? I know it’s a wacky way-out notion, but, uhh, aren’t the gloves supposed to serve as some sort of protective barrier, sort of like, y’know, them there condom things we hear so much about?
Or are these food-handlers just protecting their delicate digits from sandwich slop, money muck, and cash register crud? Are they like an ex-employer of mine, who kept a box of tissues by every doorknob in the posh townhouse that served as his office, and even by his own private telephone, so he wouldn’t have to come into contact with germs, including his own?
If I look down at the food-handlers’ feet, will I see sandals worn with socks? I don’t think I could handle two indiscretions simultaneously.
What’s the pernt, Edith? Isn’t the purpose being defeated?