Special Effects!

Hey! Know what’s kind of amusing but also pretty disturbing?
I can get the same sort of effect from not eating dinner and consuming a bit of caffeine (one watered-down Diet Coke and one small coffee) as I can from drinking two glasses of wine!
I don’t really drink alcohol (except for the occasional glass of witch hazel). The last time I had a “drink” drink (several glasses of wine) was in May of this year. And before that, the last one I had was in the early fall of 1998. But I remember enough about intoxication to knows it when I feels it. (It’s so glamorous!)
And I’m feelin’ it.
And hatin’ it.
No wonder I don’t drink. (Never mind the calories!)
Yes, here is where I say, “Feh. Kaka.” And crawl into bed.
Or lie down on the cold tile of the bathroom floor and pass out with my head squashed between the toilet and the wall. (It’s so sexy!)
I feel green. Good night, Irene!