Unicorns and Rainbows!

I’m trying to come up with something sunny and breezy and light and airy to say, but it’s just not working. I’m trying to come up with something about how people are basically good at heart and maybe I should just give in and join in a big group hug somewhere, go downstairs to the yoga studio and chant and play with my yin and yang and my chakra and my chi and picture myself on top of a mountain with flowers growing out of the top of my head and roots sprouting out from my ass, anchoring me to the soil that represents Mother Earth and wholesome goodness and love and laughter and light, and then rearrange everything up here in my apartment in accordance with the principles of feng shui. Sip some chai, and then sit in a lotus position, releasing the anger that, according to the guy who works in the yoga studio downstairs, is stored in the hips, and perhaps crying soulfully upon the release. And then, peacefully and without judgment, contemplate my unique place in the Universe, tearfully realize that I’m going about everything the wrong way, and come to the conclusion that I should embrace strangers on the street rather than push them away and mutter under my breath how disgusting they all are and how I hate them on sight and how I would hate them even more if I did give them the chance that people tell me I should give them. And then maybe I can take all that I’ve just learned about basic goodness and the innocence of the human spirit and erase all negativity from my soul, and then carry that over to this site, deleting every bitter, venomous entry that disgraces the internet and my life, all in a tearful rush of realization that when life gives me lemons I should just make lemonade. Enough for everyone!
But then again, maybe I won’t.
(Have a nice day!!!)