Maybe I was wr-rrr-rrr …

C’mon, Jodzie. Just say it!
C’mon. You know what I mean.
No. Not that either. Although that’s just adorable!
Wrr-rrr-rrr … wrr-rrr-rrr … wrrr-rrrrrr-rrrrrrr …
Whoa. Maybe I was wrr-rrr-rrro-o-o-o-ong.
Wrong? About what?
Don’t push it, Cunningham. Maybe I was, you know … that. About today. About everyone hatin’ each other again. Dig? I think maybe we all dig each other! Whoa! Aaay!
(And here’s the part where Jodzie pulls aside the nearest poodle-skirted chick with a kerchief tied jauntily around her tender neck [hickies, anyone?], and plants a really hot kiss on her sweet trembling mouth.)
So c’mon. What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to plant one on someone today, too?
Be there or be square!
(Cue applause.)