Today is the Jewish High Holiday of YOM KIPPUR, as you probably know. Today is the day we Jews are supposed to atone. See, we don’t have those “confessional” things. So we have to save it all up for this one day. And for some reason we’re not supposed to eat. Don’t ask me why. I am a very bad Jew.
And it is that very bad Jewness that is causing me to be punished today. I am being punished by my HOSTING COMPANY. It is not allowing me access to my site via my computer. It is now not [typo fixed 9/17] allowing many others to gain access to my site.
I attribute it all to the fact that I ate a small bowl of cereal with raisins (no milk, thank you) this morning, in defiance of the “no food” part of the holiday. So now I must suffer.
And so must many of my most ardent fans.
I apologize … to those who are unable to access my site, and to whatever force I offended by eating a small bowl of cereal with raisins. In defiance, however, I just ate a banana.
Do you think I’m pushing it?