“Two for Tuesday”

Since Kelly is taking a “wee break” from her blog, I have the honor of providing questions for her weekly funfest, “Two for Tuesday”. Even though I ordinarily
“memes”, I offered to step in for Kelly because I like her. What can I say? I’m extremely self-sacrificing.
So now, without further fanfare, here are this week’s questions. Let’s just think of this as the “Trouble Standard” edition.
(Please post your answers on your site, and leave a comment here with a link. If you don’t have your own site, you may leave your answers here.)

  1. Do you have any double standards? Something that you indulge or tolerate in yourself that you won’t tolerate in other people? If so, what?
  2. Has someone ever entrusted you with a secret, and then you violated that trust? If so, did that person find out, and what were the consequences?