If you visited this site sometime between 9:00 last night and 2:30 or so this afternoon, you probably read an entry entitled “Adorable”, in which I included the text of a disturbing comment I received yesterday evening. Several readers left comments in response/reaction, many of which were funny, some of which were more serious, and most of which were quite passionate. I appreciate all of them.
However, this afternoon I chose to delete the entire entry, including the comments. When I originally considering publishing it at all last night, I did so knowing that I really “shouldn’t”, but then cast aside any aspersions, said, “Why the hell not,” and just went ahead. Still, it bothered me that I did so.
The decision to ultimately delete it took about as long as it did to click on “DELETE”.
Still, I want to thank those of you who, uh, “rallied” (not my favorite word, but who cares, I’m using it anyway). You’re a great bunch of kids! If I were your mom, I’d treat you all to ice cream for dinner.