A Golden Oldie

No, “golden oldie” does not refer to me! I suppose that today, on my 21st birthday, I am closer to being an oldie than I was yesterday. But given that I’m no closer to being golden-haired today than I was yesterday (until that big bucket of peroxide that a cartoon nemesis suspended over the door tips over when I leave the room and showers my pretty little head with peroxidy goodness), I suppose I’m more of an oldie than a blonde.
But “golden oldie” isn’t really about me. It’s about an old entry I wrote, waaaaay back in August — a piece of which I am particularly fond and which is especially appropriate for today. So (re)read it, in honor of the occasion.
And speaking of pieces … have a piece of strawberry cake, baked by Zuly for yesterday’s party!
P.S. Even though the party didn’t make it to the glamorous parquet floor Ballroom yet (note I said “yet” — but I am not making any promises!), it still happened in the fabulous chat room throughout the day. It was out of control! Yeah! Those brownies were, like, crazy!