Early Bird

It's a WORM.

Yep. I’ve been gettin’ me lots o’ these.
Worms, that is.
So I want to thank everyone who has been so vigilant and dedicated to making sure I meet my self-imposed curfew. You do it because you care. You do it because you love me. Or you do it because you want me to love you. Well, whatever your reason, whatever your rhyme, whatever however whenever yeah yeah yeah, I appreciate it.
Because of your diligent vigilance (or is that vigilant diligence?), I am now back on track — as opposed to being out of whack. Back on the old tried-and-true schedule.
Early to bed? Yep!
Early to rise? You got it!
Healthy? Ohh yeah!
Wealthy? Uh huh!
Wise? ¡Absolutamente!
So thanks for your help, my pets. (You know who you are.)
And although the more depraved among you occasionally succeed in luring me into post-11:00 p.m. Instant Message debauchery (it’s all just so shameful!), I still manage to rise pre-dawn, while you worms are still sleeping.
Catch you later!