My own comment

Listen. I am thinking of doing away with the comments on this site.
Sometimes it seems like I have a “dissertation” section instead of a comments box. I’m beginning to think that people come here to hear themselves talk rather than to read what I write.
I love feedback, but it seems like people are using my space as their own personal soap-boxes.
Many readers don’t ever leave comments. Only a small fraction of my total readership does. Some of the “silent” readers send me personal email telling me they like what I write or adding a few extra sentiments. I encourage them to leave comments, but they say they don’t feel comfortable doing so, and that’s cool. I can certainly appreciate that.
So I know it is “ironic” that I should be asking this of you now, then, but fuck it, I want to know, so I’m asking: What do you think of the “no comments” idea? (And don’t say, “No comment” in an attempt to be be funny.)
Really. I want to know.