Outta site

As if it’s not bad enough that that Karyn cretin has her (in)famous website (no, I will not link to it again) where she begs for people to “help” pay off her $20,000 credit card debt, there is a whole host of others following in her Manolo Blahnik footsteps.
For the so-called record, I don’t give the usual fuck/rat’s ass/hoot what their causes are. I. Don’t. Care. I don’t care if it’s a starving baby in a country no one’s ever heard of, a family that wants to come to the United States, a woman who has 14 children and nowhere else to turn. I just don’t care.
While the “cyber-begging” itself is certainly obnoxious, what I find perhaps just as wretched are the people who, for whatever reason, are trying to promote this garbage by posting comments on my site in response to my original “Save Karyn?” post. Comments that include a link to the “cause” they’re promoting along with a wry little note such as, “Can you believe that Karyn girl? My favorite one is __________. Check it out! It’s unbelievable! But you’ve gotta admit, it takes courage!”
At least five or six different “causes” were linked to in my comments, including one that was added today, supposedly by the wife of some guy who, for whatever reason (again, I don’t care), is in deep debt.
Well, as of this afternoon, I have deleted every comment that included a link to yet another pathetic begging site. And I will continue to delete every comment that includes one. I refuse to allow my little “oasis” (someone used that word to describe my site a few weeks ago, and I thought it was quite sweet) to become a dumping ground for this detritus.
You know what? There’s something these people can give me. It’s called a break. A big fat fucking one. With a cherry on top.