Backward Progression

Here are the first few thoughts that entered my mind when I saw this helpful tip on the side of a Budget moving van a few days ago:
Thought #1: “Packing tape, my ass. This is just salacious, damn it. Fabulous!” I immediately pictured this van caked with grime, and some enterprising artistic young ruffian drawing in the dirt, with his finger, a third stick-figure guy doing something even more potentially painful to the hapless guy on the right.
Thought #2: “You know, there’s some fucking jackass out there who would actually do that [what’s pictured on the van].”
Thought #3: “Will Budget be held harmless against any damages that could arise when some dolt actually does something with packing tape as a result of having seen it depicted on the side of the van? Or does its humorous warning serve as a disclaimer? Is that disclaimer sufficient?”
Thought #4: “I wish the van were dirty right now. And no one was looking.”