Let’s talk about sets

I hate “sets”. I abhor when things match. I particularly detest earring-and-necklace sets. So prim, so fussy. So unimaginative. You can buy the set; just don’t wear the pieces as an ensemble.
Sets just look too careful. Too studied and well-mannered.
I have never bought a “set” of dishes. At most, I buy two of something and “mix and match”. Homogeny irks me. As does symmetry.
I once went into a friend’s apartment, and above his fireplace, he had two identical sconces, one on either side of four framed pictures (all of the same size) that were divided into sets of two each. Everything was sedately and precisely lined up. It gave me a headache. I had to almost sit on my hands to keep myself from rushing over to the pictures and tilting one so it would ruin the perfect alignment.
I like things hodge-podge. Mish-mash. Pastiche. Patchwork. (I’d say “eclectic”, but that word has been tainted by its over(ab)use in desperate personal ads.)
Perfection rankles me. I prefer to be among things (and people) that (who) are off-center, slightly askew. “Off”.
Give me Isabella Rossellini and her slightly crooked front teeth. Sophia Loren and her face that, when examined feature by feature, isn’t classically “beautiful” but when regarded as a whole is spectacular.
Because “perfect”, to me, isn’t.