Sin is In!

No matter how clean my apartment is — even if I’ve just spent hours (ahem) scouring and scrubbing and wiping (and crying) getting it that way — I am always compelled to apologize for “the mess” when someone visits. It’s the equivalent of spending an inordinate amount of time assembling an outfit and then saying, “Oh, this old thing?” when someone compliments it.
And no matter how much I work out and how amazing I look (and oh god, I do! I’m fabulous!), when someone tells me so, I automatically say, “No no no, I’m a fat fucking piece of shit.”
Well, it’s got to stop. And it’s going to.
The cleaning and coordinating and working out, that is.
Yes, I’ve decided to just let it all go. After sitting myself down and giving myself a good, stern talking to, I’ve decided that it’s entirely too much effort to maintain my current level of fabulousness. I place way too much emphasis on having a comfortable, warm, inviting home; looking picture-perfect even when leaving the house just to mail a letter; and maintaining a ridiculously healthy, fit ‘n’ trim body.
So without further ado, I am not only going to indulge in sloth, but embrace it! The possibilities are endless!
However, I must find a way to retain Pride in the face of Sloth. It won’t be easy, but I’m up for/to the challenge.
Stay tuned.
Next Up: Greed.