Chococat Cap

Since I’m not about to accommodate the requests of those who find this site by searching for “free nude pictures of Jodi” or any variation of that theme, and there’s no way in fucking hell I’d ever post pictures of my “rack”, I thought I would at least satisfy the needs of some of the less pathetic people out there who find my site by searching for images of something I am willing to share.
Yes, it’s my Chococat shower cap. Although I only mentioned it once (in an entry written mere hours before I made the big life-changing switch to Movable Type), you would be surprised (really) how many people come here a-lookin’ for it.
So here it is, in all its pert sauciness. And I must blushingly acknowledge that the photo on the right is pretty damned sexy. It’s just so … well, you can see for yourself. Look.

Cappy meow? Happy now?
N.B. For those of you looking for ways to make “fake poop in [your] diaper” or “fake vagina spaghetti”, I have just one tidbit of advice: Go with the real thing. It’s better that way.