Christmas Heave

Ooooh, hi! Thanks for calling! No no no, don’t worry, I’m not busy! I’m just sitting here at my desk gabbing with some of the girls … oh, you know, the usual lunatics! It’s all just too exciting! I can’t stand it! Yay! I’m wearing my pretty sweater — the red and green acrylic one with the big Christmas tree appliqués and glittery threads (like tinsel!!!) on the front and a really nice snowman appliqué on the back — and my miniature tree ornament earrings and Santa pin with the nose that lights up when you pull the little string (oh, you have one too! isn’t it the cutest!?) … and, oh dear, I’ve stuffed myself full of all of the cookies on all the girls’ desks (they’re all delicious, no matter what that mean girl Jackie in Accounting says! and besides, it’s the thought that counts! and they were all made with love!) … in fact, I’ve been nibbling on goodies all afternoon and haven’t done any work at all! … What’s that? You either? Oh my goodness! Well, anyway, they’re letting us go at 12:30, but I’m having such a good time with all of my best friends here in the office, and with you on the phone, that I almost can’t bear to leave!
Hey, listen, I do have to go now, but if I don’t talk to you tomorrow, have a wonderful Christmas! Don’t eat too much! And keep your fingers crossed for snow! I love you, too! Merry Christmas! Have a happy!