Island Life

Guess what? It’s COLD outside! Yes! Who would have guessed? It’s only December, less than three weeks away from the first day of winter, in a Mid-Atlantic state several thousand miles above the equator! I must blushingly admit that I was more than just a little shocked this afternoon when I ventured outside in my splashy “board shorts”, citrus-colored tank top, and kicky flip-flops and was greeted with a blast of ice-cold air like none ever felt ’round these parts!
And apparently this cold snap is quite a rare phenomenon here in Manhattan, because everyone’s looking around like they don’t know what to do, exclaiming to one another, “Oh my god, it’s so cold!
What kind of an island is this, anyway?
I’ll bet the good folks sunnin’ themselves on the sandy shores of Rhode Island are having a big ol’ belly laugh at my expense.