Lindt Condition

Lindt truffles

If you think about it (and really, why should you even bother?), eating an entire 10.6-ounce box o’ bonbons isn’t really that bad. You shouldn’t need a calculator to figure out that that comes out to 1,760 calories. So what if they contain almost no nutritional value and those calories are “empty”? (But look! they do offer some protein! and calcium! and even iron and Vitamin A!) At least the centers of the truffles aren’t empty; they’re filled with molten mouth-fun! It’s GOOD to eat 24 truffles in one day! And if that’s all you eat for the entire day, well, then, you should be pretty damned proud of yourself, because if you’d chosen to eat three square meals, your calorie consumption would have been more substantial. But who needs square meals when little round treats are to be had?
P.S. For the record, I prefer Teuscher. But these were lovely too.