Listen up …

… or down or around or whatever your favorite preposition may be.
I just have one thing to say about this whole new year shpiel. (And if you’re itching or aching to know what I’m doing tonight, well, then you have to read my recent post. If you’re itching or aching otherwise, it may be that you’ve come down with a terminal case of blogonorrhea, in which case, well, see ya, bye, have a nice life, which should be ending shortly.) It’s got nothing to do with resolutions, so don’t get all happy thinking I’m going to be posting a list of bogus items I hope to stop or start doing once the ball drops and the clock strikes.
It’s just this: Can everyone please stop saying “2K3”? It was bad enough three years ago when it was “Y2K”. So knock it off already. Make that your resolution: I, _____, resolve in 2K3 [you can say it here, because it’s not 2003 yet], never to refer to the coming year as “2K3”.
See? It’s easy. So now you can still drink heavily in 2003. Smoke, too. And not go to the gym five days a week. Or whatever else it was that you were thinking about resolving.
Now get outta here. Go home, if you’re at work. And please, don’t think you’re cute by saying to anyone, “See you next year!” That was funny (sort of) the first time I heard it, in, like, third grade, but now that I’m a senior in high school, it’s just lost some of its punch. (The punch is spiked, by the way. But don’t tell!)
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