Skin and Bare It

If you don’t live in, or occasionally visit, New York City or any other hip ‘n’ fabulous metropolis, you may not be aware of everything the cool girls are doing. (And I’m dreadfully sorry, but reading InStyle is no substitute for visiting a real city.) Therefore, since you are no doubt missing out on quite a few important trends, you may want to take special note of one particularly fascinating fashion statement that has taken the chic set by storm.
Apparently, bare legs are the new black tights. Yes, that’s right, girls. Gone are the days of keeping your legs relatively warm beneath those slimming, sin-hiding black tights that have long been the staple of so many urban fashionistas. Today it’s all about bare legs. Yes, even in the d(r)ead of winter, it’s hip and trendy to go sans pantyhose or the ubiquitous black tights and to keep your gams unencumbered of any and all hosiery and thus exposed to the elements.
Now, I’m all for vanity and the pursuit of looking fabulous at almost any cost, but even I have to say that this no-hose thing just looks idiotic in the colder months. In addition, whereas black tights could and did hide a vast array of hideous skin sins, a tights-free look does nothing for loose-fleshed gams.
So please, ladies, for the sake of my sanity (if not your own warmth and health), lose the hoseless look. Oh, and by the way, there are these marvelous things called pants that the more daring among us have started wearing. They’re all the rage!