Tourist Snap

Sometimes I really hate tourists, such as any time they approach Times Square and any time they don’t get out of my way when I’m zipping down the street en route to a very important Pilates session. But other times I think they’re just the cutest little curiosity this side of tiddlywinks and love getting involved with them.
The past two Saturdays (on my way home from the gym, of course), I’ve come across a set of tourists about to snap pictures of themselves standing on Broadway with the Empire State Building several blocks to the north. Each time, one of the tourists was going to be excluded from the picture by dint of having to snap the shot. So each time I’ve come across this scenario, I’ve offered to snap the picture for them so all of them could be in the picture at the same time, rather than do that “OK, now I’ll take one of YOU” thing. And each time they’ve been overjoyed that someone would offer to do something for them and then they’ve eagerly handed their camera (both times digital) to me so I could capture their little moment.
I like knowing that I will probably be part of their New York Vacation Experience.
“Attached to this email is a picture of me and Monique standing in front of the Empire State Building,” Philippe tells his friends in an email. (Of course he writes it in French, though.) His friends email him back and ask how he managed to get such a beautifully composed shot of the two of them, and Philippe tells of this fresh-faced beauty who defied all the myths about New Yorkers being rude and heartless.
Or at least that’s what would have happened each time if, after taking the pictures, I hadn’t run away with the camera, come home, and downloaded their photos onto my computer just for fun.