See this movie!You know all that stuff you hear about how movies can change the way you think? Well, I used to think it was all just a bunch of poppycock, but now I have reason to believe that it may very well be true!

Yesterday afternoon I took myself to see Adaptation. Here is my review:

It is a very good movie! In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s really good! Downright very good! OK, so it’s excellent!

I may have to start rethinking my long-held conviction that Nic(olas) Cage, whom I’ve mentioned previously, totally blows! And I may have to stop hating Meryl Streep too. At least while they’re doing their jobs, acting as someone else. Once they’re themselves again, I am still free to hate them.
What’s next? Gangs of New York? Absolutely not. I am not ready to start unhating Leonardo DiCaprio. And I will never stop hating excruciatingly long movies where the actors affect bad accents and don’t have cars to drive.
Today: Perhaps Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Because I need to form an opinion about Maggie Gyllenhall (who had a small role in Adaptation!). However, I don’t think I’ll be changing my opinion about Julia Roberts no matter what. (I won’t tell you what it is. You’ll just have to guess and wonder.)