Because everyone else is doing it, and I just can’t miss a moment of the group fun, and because I want to scoop everyone up in a big jangle of tangled limbs and flopping appendages and squeeze the stuffing (Stove Top) out of them en masse to show them how much I love, adore, and appreciate them. Because I want to joyously and shamelessly acknowledge, several days in advance, the most asinine widely-recognized “holiday” ever created. (Note the qualifier “widely-recognized”. Yes, I’m all too aware of holidays such as Sweetest Day, Secretaries Day, and SendMeGiftsAndCardsBecauseTheCalendarTellsYouSo Day.)

And because I like purple. That’s why the little heart candy.
If you can’t resist the urge to create your own hilarious special heart, go here. Or if voodoo is more your style, go here. Both messages can be sent anonymously, so the object of your affection/infection doesn’t have to know you’re too much of a pussy to express yourself directly.
Or if you really want to impress someone with your overwhelming lack of originality, go here or here.
Enjoy! I love you all!!!