Snow Escape

It's a fire escape, you country bumpkins!
The above is the closest I’ve come to the snow during what is already being touted as “The Blizzard of ’03”. Because it needs a name, after all. Because it’s, like, snow, and it’s big snow. So it’s a big deal and big news. It’s big, big, big! And there’ snow way out!
So that’s why I stayed in. That’s why I stayed in and ate Happy Herbert’s pretzels (extra dark) and drank Diet Coke (pre-lemonated) and watched “The Brady Bunch” (the Bradys get a pool table and Bobby’s quite the shark, followed by Greg’s hair turns orange after using tonic he bought from Bobby) and let my fabulous friend Daniel take pictures instead. Yay!
Note: If you want to see photos that I took of the last substantial snow we had here in NYC, you can see them here.