A Story in So Many Words (#1: 100) – “Food For Thought”

Dear Ms. Verse:
I really love your site, but I can’t help noticing it’s not very child-friendly. Would you mind including a little story from time to time so I can share the fun with my son (we call him ‘Little Man’, LOL!) while I’m surfing the ‘net? Thanks a bundle!
Jill McAfee
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

* * *
It's not my fault I was born a green pepper.

Monica knows it’s not her fault she was born a green pepper. It doesn’t stop her from trying to fit in with the kids in her third grade class. Nobody asks her to play, though, so during recess she sits in the shade and tries to stay crisp. One day the prettiest girl in school asked Monica if she wanted to trade her chocolate cupcake for what she had inside her lunch box. Monica shyly accepted. Inside was a tossed garden salad, complete with sliced green pepper strips. But that was OK. The cupcake was made of Ex-Lax and mud.