Automat: A Few More Sips

Quite a few people have written to me in reaction to yesterday’s entry about the Horn & Hardart automats. Just moments ago, someone asked me what an automat was and commented that the Burger King that slouches at 182 Broadway, where the H&H once proudly stood, is “just tragic”.
I told her that, “[T]he tragedy of that Burger King on Broadway is only completely understood when you realize how one sort of fast food has replaced another and how the two experiences are so completely unlike each other as to be truly heart-wrenching.”
And then, to help her better understand, I directed her here. The part entitled “Why care about some fast food restaurant?” speaks volumes.
I loathe modern fast food restaurants for a variety of reasons, one of which is that I refuse to abuse my body with that rubbish masquerading as food. However, they not only violate my nutritional sense but offend my aesthetic one as well. Perhaps even more.
There’s just too much ugliness in the world, and too much acceleration of our daily lives that isn’t really necessary, including eating on the run (or the walk). The DOG expressed it perfectly when he wrote, “The contrasts in eateries you project are reflections of life as it used to be and now — the willingness to work long to achieve compared to the instant gratification ethos of the colorized planet.”
Sometimes I wish we would slow down so much that the world would go in reverse. My gloved hands and I would applaud that.