Oscar Blight

You want me to say something about last night’s Oscars, don’t you?
Well, I wish I had something to say.
But I don’t, really.
They sucked. Blew. Bit.
The somber mood seemed forced, the lugubrious facial expressions put on. The whole thing reeked of a strange brand of poseurdom and self-consciousness.
Adrien Brody was a highlight, however, I suppose, when he grabbed Halle Berry and molested her mouth (hurrah!). His speech was noteworthy mostly because he managed to quiet the orchestra and speak longer than 45 seconds.
Peter O’Toole, also a highlight.
I won’t mention the way anyone looked, because, really, no one wowed me. And I’ve already mentioned Renée Z’s cheeks before.
But other than that, I’m sorry, but the whole thing was an amorphous blur of circumstance trying to play down the pomp.
What were they thinking? That less really was Moore?