Save Our ZIP!

No, the “Z” is not a typo, kids. I don’t need my ship saved. I need my ZIP saved. Or recovered. Or something. I’m at my wit’s end! I’m dangling at the end of my wit. Help! Save me!
Or, actually, save my ZIP! One of my ZIP disks is now mocking me and insisting that it is CORRUPT. Not just acting like a punk and taking money out of the cookie jar or thinking about stealing office supplies from its employer. No. CORRUPT.

I’m envisioning it running all around the city (amok, if you will), brandishing two pistols, holding random people hostage, and hanging out on a street corner smoking candy cigarettes. Dumping over trash cans, murdering blokes and schlubs just for the thrill, and engaging in all sorts of dissolute behavior, including gambling and tawdry sex with smeary-lipstick-mouthed prostitutes in torn fishnets stockings (the kind with garters!).
So my ZIP disk is a ne’er-do-well. And it’s making me want to turn to a life of dissolution as well. Or at least drown my sorrows in a six-pack of Diet Coke (with Lemon).
Can anyone help me? Is there any way I can recover the lost data? Or am I completely screwed?
Please email me here if you can help me. I’ve had it up to here (somewhere above my raised eyebrow) with this zippity-do-dah mess.
Thank you!
P.S. If you’re one of the few people to whom I’ve ever sent email with photo or other image attachments, would you please send me those files? Than-Q!