What’s It All About, Jodie?

Dear Ms. Because I Say So!:
Do you have an "About" page? What about one of those "100 Things" lists where you methodically enumerate a whole bunch of stuff in a riotously funny tongue-in-cheek manner and let your readers know, within minutes, everything they could possibly want to know about you, including your cholesterol count, your favorite Beatle, and your recent teary realization that you don't just think girls are pretty but that you're a full-fledged bisexual in the throes of a wonderful reawakening of her soul and spirit, and oh yes, that your favorite thing in the whole wide world is sitting on a porch on a breezy summer day in a floral frock sipping from a glass of hand-squeezed lemonade?
You rock! But I want to know what makes you roll!
Love (I mean it!),
Shelly Platt
Newark, New Jersey

* * *

Hello, Shelly.
Thanks for the note.
Please read my archives. If it's not in there, I don't want you to know about it, and, chances are, that's because it's none of your business.
Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your Sunday in Newark!