A Story In So Many Words (#2: 100) – “Mammu”

Dear Ms. Verse:
Thank you so much for the sweet story you posted a couple of weeks ago about the green pepper! Little Man just lurved it! Do you have any more stories suitable for the kidlets?
Jill McAfee
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

* * *
Oh my.  Company!  And me without my pineapples!

It wasn’t until Martha was 12 and her family had moved into yet another new house in yet another new neighborhood in yet another new state, and her dad said, “This time, we’re going to stay put! Mark my words!” that she finally felt confident enough to make new friends and bring them home to meet the gang. Daddo, Mammu, Bing, Chet, and little Kippy. The whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle! What Martha didn’t understand was why her new best friend, Tiffany, ran from the house crying when she met Mammu. What was the problem? Wasn’t everyone’s mom a baked ham?