Note Note

Dear Miss Jodiverse:
Hello. Yesterday morning I lost a one-dollar Federal Reserve Note on Fifth Avenue in New York City. It was six inches long and two and a half inches wide and had a very nice drawing of President George Washington on the front. It was a Series 1999 and had a G on the front with the words "Chicago, Illinois". It was gray and green and crumply.
Ever since last morning I've been searching on the World Wide Web through Google and Yahoo to see if anyone had any information about my money. I was having no luck until about ten minutes ago, when I found your very nice website. I saw your article, "Finders", from yesterday, and thought I'd write to you. So here I am!
Could my misfortune be the good fortune you wrote about?
Unfortunately, I did not log this dollar bill into my ledger the way I usually do, so I do not know the serial number and can't compare it to the one in the photograph on your website. I do think it's mine, though. I recognized it almost immediately when I saw it!
If you don't mind, would you please bring the dollar bill to me so I can see if it's the one I lost? I am a tourist so I won't be in town for very long. But if you have some time, I will be in the TKTS line in Times Square all day today trying to get tickets for a nice musical. I will be the one in a track suit with a fresh perm.
Patricia ("Patti") Branson
Yellow Springs, Ohio
P.S. I love New York! 🙂