Off on the right foot!

Ahhh. There’s nothin’ like the combination of too little sleep and a big buncha weightliftin’ to make you feel like your day’s off to a grand start! Top (or bottom, as the case may be is, and is) it all off with a particularly enthusiastic (and undeniably sexy) blister on the bottom of your right foot, and you have all the makings of a wonderful Wednesday.
All I need now is a bout of “sensitive teeth”, that always welcome sensation that makes me think someone took a carpentry plane to the edges of my teeth when I wasn’t looking, and I’ll be set for the day.
As if all of these early morning treats weren’t enough to satisfy my beloved masochism, I am now about to subject myself to an hour of absolute torture: the Madonna interview with Matt Lauer, which I taped last night.
Nothing’s better for breakfast than bile!
Update (8:37a.m.):  The only time I said, “Yeah right” to Madonna during her interview was when she said she doesn’t drink coffee anymore. She had just told Regis and Kelly last week that she must have coffee every morning, first thing. But that’s it.
So what does it all mean? Well, it means I have to find an alternate source of bile. This might warrant a viewing of Maury at 10:00. I will stay tuned. I hope you’ll do the same.