Photo Nonos

If I see one more person using a baby picture or school photo of himself on the “About Me” or “Bio” page of his website (or “BLOG”, if you will … and I really wish you wouldn’t), I’m going to have to beat his “inner child” with a stick. And, also, as a bonus, his outer one as well.
It’s gotta stop. It really does.
That person (the offender) may be thinking, “Hey, this is a cute idea!”, but all I can think is, “Hey, that person, who wasn’t even a cute kid, must’ve really grown up to be one hideous adult.”
In addition, if a person does decide to use a current photo, the current photo must not be altered using Photoshop or another graphics program’s “paint” or other “artistic” tool. Making your photo look like a bad painting is not good. Ditto goes for blurring it. Not cute. Unadvisable. Stop it.
One more thing, and then I’ll leave you to your bagels and chai. And that is this: Black and white portraits are not as chic and artsy as you think they are. You are not Richard Avedon. You are not Annie Leibovitz. You are just trying to hide a multitude of skin sins.
That’s all. Carry on. Enjoy your Wednesday.
P.S. The word “nonos” is truly wretched and should never be used anywhere ever. Not even by two-year-olds.
Note (update, 10:04 a.m.): I originally mentioned Ansel Adams and Alfred Stieglitz in the paragraph that now names Avedon and Leibowitz. I did not mean to malign black and white landscape or building photographs, which I actually do like.