There is no way you can live inside your head when you come across a tree full of cherry blossoms. (Central Park, near 72nd Street) Against a clear blue sky, they take my breath away. (Central Park, near 72nd Street)
There is a face in this tree. (Central Park) You may not see the same face in this tree as I do, but there's no denying there's one there.  (Central Park) Will meets way. (At my parents' house)
Daffodils always seem to say hello! (At my parents' house) It's not the weed's fault it's called a weed. (At my parents' house) I do not step on moss.  I don't like to hurt it.  (At my parents' house)
It’s not enough to just get out and look around mindlessly. You have to look up and down too. Mindfully. Be aware of every little thing. You’d be amazed how it gets you out of your own head and into the world around you.
Take off your sunglasses, get rid of the iPod, and get out. Out of the office, or the house, if for even ten minutes. The ten minutes you waste making excuses why you don’t have time.
“There’s nothing new to look at where I live,” you may say. That’s no excuse, I say. You just have to know where to look. Look up. Look down. You’d be surprised at how gorgeous something as simple as moss can be if you really want to see it. You just have to want to look.
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