Site Note

Just so you know, because I know you want to be in the know …
Thanks to the amazing grace of a couple of particularly groovy friends, some of the entries that I (or, rather, my hosting company) had lost have now been found. Details can be found in the two updates (italicized for your ease of reference!), here.
Oh, I’m just so amused by the irony of it all, in light of the fact that recently I’ve written about things I’ve found (and other people have lost).
It’s almost enough to make me believe in karma. In things going around coming around. And all that garbage people say to make themselves feel better or keep themselves in check so they don’t do the horrible horrible things to other people that they really want to do.
Almost, but not quite.
In other Lost and Found news … would whoever STOLE my dark brown Old Navy racerback tank top (with built-in bralette!) and my black and white Totes umbrella (automatic open AND close!), kindly fucking return them? Thank you.